Why should I become a member?

Participate in Workshops! We hold various workshops on solving business cases, Scrum Methodology awareness and learning new tools.
These member-exclusive events are forever open to you since it’s a lifetime membership.
Receive guidance through study sessions while studying for your PMP/CAPM certifications.


PMP and CAPM certification training and resources at no cost. Yes, you are reading it correct, at no cost

Study Sessions

Mock behavioral interview and case study sessions

Networking Sessions

Networking sessions with industry leaders


Conduct workshops on latest project management tools

Enhance Skillset

A platform to acquire leadership, communication and networking skills

How to become a Member?

Becoming a member is easy!
Just follow the instructions below
Lifetime membership fee is $15.00


Go to your banking portal (Chase, WellsFargo, BoA etc)

Add Recipient

Add nidhi.maru@utdallas.edu as recipient

Memo Message

PMC membership fees | Name | NetID | Program - batch


After sending fund, send a follow-up email to nidhi.maru@utdallas.edu

Confirmation Email

We will send you confirmation email in 3 business days

Follow Up Email

Please write follow-up email if you don't receive email from us in 3 business days